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My Story

As a mum of three primary aged kids, I share the hopes of many parents and carers in the playground – an education system that equips our children with life skills to flourish; local jobs that provide a decent standard of living; affordable rents in quality homes; and services to support those struggling, to get back on their feet.

The social and economic progress made by Labour is being undone by consecutive Conservative governments, exacerbated by the inaction of the SNP. Our communities, hopeful for a better Scotland, want change.

This year has shown how life can change in the blink of an eye. Recognising the pandemic will widen the inequalities, we need to be bold in our response and build upon the renewed sense of community.

As Deputy Leader of West Lothian Council, I’ve led change locally – successfully championing the delivery of free sanitary products in local schools, and initiating the West Lothian Food Network, bringing the Co-operative Party’s Food Justice campaign to the county.

I now want to take my energy and drive into the Scottish Parliament, to deliver further change for Linlithgow, and help build a better Scotland.

I want to bring my vision, energy and drive to the Scottish Parliament. Our communities need aspiration and hope for a better Scotland, together we can deliver this change for Linlithgow and for Scotland.

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